Market-driven, Customer-Centric Ventures Investing ... Acceleration

  • Concept/business plan development, PoC/MVP piloting, revenue ramp/development

  • Pre-seed, seed and early equity round funding regimes

  • Participations in larger rounds ... when in advisory/governance roles

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​​Accelerating Launch, Ramp and Growth

... ideas, ventures, economics
Through ...  Advisory, Partnership, Funding, Governance


The Challenge

While startups can grow and accelerate rapidly....most do not!  It's tough to be objective, to listen ...and, tougher still to adapt, act.  Even with a superior idea, innovative approach, or market opening .... it is a challenge to structure the business model, revenue ramp, economics, and the risk profile in a manner that launches the trajectory ....and, attracts the right investors.  Working with an experienced early-stage investor and venture/financial partner makes the launch journey more productive and rewarding ....and, fun.  Knowing what to prioritize, which levers to emphasize, and how to achieve revenue traction are critical factors in gaining access to the high-value strategic and financial partners.  Asper Group may be the right fit.

Where / How We Work Best

We work best with passionate entrepreneurs in a highly collaborative manner the presence of opportunities to add substantial value through pre-seed/seed investments and in advisory relationships, in accessing strategic / financial partners, in follow-on investing and fund raising, and in governance roles.  In short, Asper Group helps entrepreneurs shape the idea, concept, and business model; find valuable teaming partners; attract investors; and guide the development:

We focus on early-stage venture developments addressing e-commerce and marketplace platforms, mobile, and technology-enabled content businesses... especially those exploiting large data set analytics, AI, image recognition, and blockchain technologies.  Interesting sectors are retail, consumer products, financial services, telecom, high tech, life sciences/health-wellness ... in the U.S. and in trans Atlantic and Pacific contexts.

Getting Together....Asper Group LLC

The Asper Group team, investment philosophy and criteria, and advisory and early-stage investment portfolio experience are set out in following pages.  Let us know if you believe we make a good partner for your launch, ramp, acceleration!  And, we are found through the usual media.... Twitter, LinkedIn...and, at 312-296-4397