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Proof Network Ventures (merger of Tipsi and 150ELM):  

Proof Network Ventures is a technology and solutions development company focused on building, acquiring, and scaling enterprise software products across the global beverage alcohol industry  (investment, fund raising, advisory, governance).

Hawthorne Markets

E-grocery/fresh market retailer ... a unique, profitable e-grocery format combining the best of convenient, on-line shopping and in-store fresh shopping experience in high-density, urban neighborhoods (investment, fund raising, advisory, governance).


Cloud app and blockchain platform for secure enterprise information/document sharing and security services ... positioned as the "go-to" place for setting up and closing deals and intercompany arrangements among financial institutions, corporates, advisory and legal firms (investment, advisory, governance).

Long Island Iced Tea

Focused on a portfolio of  non-CSD, ready-to-drink tea addressing the quality/mid-price quadrant and with well-known brand name with profile to carry flavor expansion and potential alcohol mix (investment, advisory).  Initial investment in 6/16, exited 12/17 (following NASDAQ listing), at 1.6x.


Platform for experiential e-commerce, building the shopping interface for the new generation of the web using VR/AR technologoies. Enables immersive, branded, and contextual online virtual stores that increase customer engagement, conversion, and loyalty (investment, fund raising, advisory).


AI-based restaurant marketing and ordering platform focusing on increasing delivery revenutes, average order size, frequency, customer excitement/engagement, and profitability. And, GoParrot allows restaurants to transition from the high-cost, low-transparency 3rd-party ordering schemes (Grubhub, among others) to their own branded, proprietary ordering and customer loyalty platform (investment, fund raising, advisory).






Simple and Secure Document Sharing

CapLinked  provides an effective means to securely share information across multiple enterprises, making it easier, faster and safer to manage business transactions in the cloud.  CapLinked  is building out its cloud-based portfolio, including the web application enterprise platform of document-sharing tools and well as its SaaS/API-powered offering .  

CapLinked is currently developing TransitNet, a platform to provide companies that issue securities on the blockchain with post-issuance services and tools to manage reporting, governance, and title verification. In connection with this effort, CapLinked has raised funding from a number of leading blockchain-focused funds including Alphabit Fund, Translunar One, Kenetic Capital, NextProtocol Ventures, and BKCM.

Globally-recognized customers in over 40 countries use CapLinked .  Principal use cases include:  due diligence, client onboarding/KYC, licensing, business development and corporate development repository, investor reporting, deal marketing, and all manner of other secure document sharing.  Among other recognitions, Inc. named CapLinked to its list of "5 Back-office Tech Innovations."

CapLinked has completed several funding rounds to drive an expanded product roadmap realization and the recently-announced blockchain initiative, together with aggressive customer acquisition and revenue ramp plans.   


Immersive E-commerce Experiences

Obsess is a platform for experiential e-commerce, building the shopping interface for the new generation of the web using VR and AR technologies.   In replacing today's flat, tedious  e-commerce interface introduced by Amazon 20-plus years ago, the Obsess 3-D Commerce Cloud enables beautiful, branded , and immersive online stores that increase customer engagement, loyalty, and conversion (see the Obsess experience).  Experiential e-commerce is expected to be one of the primary drivers fueling the growth of online shopping in discovery-oriented categories such as fashion, home, and lifestyle and the acceleration of the offline-to-online purchasing shift over the next 5 years.  

Obsess founder, Neha Singh, has an engineering and product background from MIT, Google, and Vogue.   The team has extensive experience in 3D development and design.  Customers include Farfetch, Levi's, Vera Bradley, Carmen Sol, among others.  Obsess is backed by Village Global, Techstars, Asimov Ventures, Asper Group, and other funds and angels.


Online Ordering, Made Smart

GoParrot is addressing the $55 billion U.S. restaurant online ordering sector by providing an AI-driven marketing and ordering platform focused on buidling restaurant brand profile, sales, and profitability.   The GoParrot platform is generating significant value for restaurant groups by increasing delivery revenues, average order size, frequency, customer excitement/engagement, and profitability .   GoParrot assists restaurants in transitioning from high-cost 3rd-party delivery apps (e.g., Grubhub) to their own propriety ordering interfaces.  With GoParrot, restaurants own the content, the customer relatioships and the data....using all to motivate frequency, loyalty, and retention.  And, it's interfaces and chat-based messaging are cool....the way people  communicate!   

GoParrot is a rapid build phase, now working with leading chains such as Bareburger, Dos Toros and Westville, among others.  GoParrot has access to 400k restaurants through partnerships with industry leaders such as Toast PoS and Square who help acquire and onboard new customers efficidently and scale quickly.

To see GoParrot in action:  Bareburger Store;  Westville store; or, order now from Westville via Facebook Messenger.

The founders have strong AI and data/engineering expertise, as well as 15-plus years of startup experience. 

Proof Network Ventures

Enterprise Software Technology Solutions for the Global Beverage Alcohol Industry

Proof Network Ventures (“PNV”) is the result of a July 2018 merger of Tipsi and 150ELM.  PNV currently owns and operates multiple technology products and business lines related to the beverage alcohol industry product content, ecommerce, and consumer brand activation. PNV is actively developing and conceptualizing new solutions around consumer loyalty, wholesale commerce, data science, point-of-sale, and supply chain.

Using deeply integrated research and development in tandem with an active M&A strategy, PNV’s direction is to own and control the unerlying technology ecosystem that powers key facets of the beverage alcohol industry. This sets the stage for PNV’s positioning as the industry’s leading authoritative source for all data, insights, and trends. PNV will monetize this position through its current product/service portfolio and by continued solution development internally and through partnerships across the ecosystem.   

PNV’s predecessor entities have completed several rounds of pre-seed/seed fundraising, and Tipsi recently concluded  a Series A Preferred Shares offering, led by Asper Group, in a raise to support its wine shopper app/merchant-retailer platform development and revenue ramp throughout several major metro areas.  PNV is now launching a $2.5 million priced equity round through a 506(c) Reg D offering to accelerate solftware developments as well as scale the business development and sales teams. 

Hawthorne Markets

E-grocery/Fresh Market Retailer with Integrated App

Hawthorne’s is a highly differentiated e-commerce/ marketplace (fresh/organic, nutritious food and value-conscious center-store staples), combining an e-grocery platform/app and in-store shopping/collection point  ... competitively differentiated, bringing high growth and superior economics. 

Hawthorne's has pre-seed investment supporting consumer/neighborhood market research and concept/business plan development work.  The co-founders are in the course of a seed raise to fund the first-phase launch of hub-spoke stores in selected Chicago neighborhoods.